Social Security Disability

 Social Security Disability? As a Social Security Disability attorney I will tell you that it is an insurance program under Social Security that you pay into when you work. Social Security Disability is a monthly payment, and back pay for the time you wait for being declared disabled.

What is DIB? Disability Insurance Benefits are for those that qualify after working during their life time, the government keeps up with how long you have worked, and the amount of money you have made during your lifetime. 

If you meet the financial requirements of Social Security Disability, whats next? The next step in Social Security Disability is your medical condition. You will have to meet either a listing that is kept by the Social Security Department and medical records to document the medical condition, or meet a place on the grid system developed by Social Security Disability. 

Some things things to consider when applying for Social Security Disability:

  1. When does Social Security disability start? 
  2. Does the government have to start my back pay the  day I quit working?
  3. Will they ask one of my doctors about my disability?
  4. Does my past work history matter to Social Security Disability?
  5. How do I pay my social security lawyer, I dont have any money to pay him?
  6. Does my attorney know the listings and the grid system Social Security Disability uses?
  7. Will my social security disability attorney come and see me?
  8. If the VA declared me disabled, can I still get disability from Social Security?
  9. Does my attorney have a nurse or a doctor to consult with about my claim?
  10. Can my attorney represent me in any state?
  11. Is my representative and attorney?
  12. Will my attorney talk with me when I call?
  13. I had to retire early because of disability on job, can I still get Social Security Disability? 
  14. I moved, do I have to reapply?
  15. Is there  a limit to how far back they will go for my social security disability?
  16. Does my attorney review my records?
  17. Will my attorney be with me at the hearing?
  18. Is my attorney familiar with disease such as crohns, We are find, out more at
  19. Will back surgery be taken into the decision on my claim?

In the field of Social Security Disability there are many deadlines and procedures to follow.  Please give me a call, I would enjoy discussing your claim with you, there is no obligation when calling, and if I can be of assistance to you, I will come to you, if you are not able to come to the law office.

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