Schizophrenia Disability Attorney

Under listing 12.03 Social Security Disability lists the requirements for Paranoid Schizophrenia, the requirements are as follows:

A. Medical documented persistence, either continuous or intermittent, of one or more of the following:

1.Delusions, hallucinations; or

2. Catatonic or other grossly disorganized behavior; or

3. Incoherence, loosening of associates, illogical thinking or poverty of content of speech if associated with one of the following;

a. Blunt effect; or

b. Flat effect; or

c. Inappropriate affect; or

4. Emotional withdrawal and or isolation; and

B. Resulting in at least two of the following:

1. Marked restriction of activities of daily living; or

2.Marked difficulties in maintaining social functioning; or

3. Marked difficulties in maintaining concentration persistence or pace; or

4. Repeated episodes of decompensation, each of extended duration; or

C.  Medically documented history of chronic schizophrenic, paranoid, or other psychotic disorder of at least 2 years duration that has caused more than a minimal limitation of ability to do basic work activities, with symptoms or signs currently attenuated by medication or psychosocial support, and one of the following:

1. Repeated episode of decompensation each of extended duration; or

2. A residual disease process that has resulted in such marginal adjustment that even minimal increase in mental demands or change in the environment would be predicted to cause the individual to decompensate; or 

3. Current history of 1 or more years inability to function outside a highly supportive living arrangement, with an indication of continued need for such an arrangement.

Schizophrenia is a real and dibilitating condition, this disease does not know and age limit, high or low, I have represented claimants in their teens, all the way to their sixties. Most individuals require the help of someone living with them, this disease takes a toll on both the claimant and the family, especially if money is an issue, as it is with most people. The money to care for someone most of the day, every day is quite high.

The medical records are very important in these cases, for sometimes an individual can appear ok at a hearing, but with the aid of their medical records I can explain to the judge their true condition. Should you need assistance with your claim, or the claim of a friend or loved one suffering from Schizophrenia, please give me a call Monday through Friday at toll free (877) 271-2633 or local at (615) 308-2633, I would be pleased to speak with you.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.