Social Security Disability denied

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Your Social Security disability has just been denied, you cannot understand it. How can they possibly deny your Social Security disability? If your Social Security disability denied was wrong, and you wish to appeal, simply give me a call at toll free 1-877-271-2633. You will speak directly to me about your Social Security disability denied. I travel the United States representing people who have been denied their Social Security disability. When you call me, you will speak directly to me. When you need to appeal your claim, you will speak directly with me. When you have a hearing, I will be there for your Social Security disability hearing. You will have a Social Security disability attorney in your corner.

If you need to apply for Social Security disability, and wish to speak with me, I am here for you. There is never a fee unless I collect back pay for you, that is my promise. It does cost anything to simply speak with me about your claim. It generally takes about 8 weeks for Social Security disability to make a decision about your claim, if your Social Security disability claim is denied, just pick up the phone and give me a call. Having your Social Security disability denied can be devastating. I represent people every day who need help taking on the government, and that is what I do for my clients when their Social Security disability is denied. I take on the the government for you.

Social Security disability is all that I do. When you need help with your claim, give me a call. I look forward to speaking with you. I am a lawyer, and I am dedicated to representing my clients in Social Security disability law. Social Security disability denied? Call me today. You may also wish to view some of my other sites at  , , or .

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Social Security disability denied


Applying for Disability Call Me Today

Applying for disability call me today? It can be overwhelming to apply for disability. Did you know that you can have an attorney to help you apply for disability from the very beginning? It does not cost you anymore in fees to have an attorney with you from the very moment you apply for disability benefits through Social Security. My name is Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq., helping people apply for disability and appeal disability denials is all that I do.
Did you know that every statement you make on your paperwork or on the computer when you apply is in your record for the entire process of disability. If you are applying for disability call us today.
When you apply for disability it is your chance to explain to the Social Security Administration what keeps you from working, and tell them what doctors you have seen for your medical condition.  Simply telling Social Security Disability that you cant work is not enough, you must explain your medical condition in your application for disability.

There are grid rules and listing that Social Security uses to determine your disability. When you make your application for disability it is so important to understand the rules and grid system that the disability department uses. I have made it my only practice to understand the rules of disability and Social Security. Applying for disability call today.

Whether your applying for disability or want to appeal your denail of disability, simply give me a call. When you call my office you will speak to an attorney that only handles disability claims. Give me a call and let me help you apply for disability, there is never a fee unless I win your claim, that is my promise. You can always count on an attorney representing your claim throughout your process here at my office Social Security Denied, LLC, I look forward to speaking with you about your application for disability. Should you need other information on disability please see my other sites at  and

Disability Attorney Supreme Court of The United States

disability attorneyAs a disability attorney Supreme Court of The United States bar licensed now, I can say I was very honored that this privilege was granted to me. As a disability attorney you never know how far you must pursue a claim for a client. As disability attorney it is always a great accomplishment to win a claim for a client, and when some claims need to be appealed I want to make myself available for every option in the pursuit of your claim.
As a disability attorney Supreme Court of The United States admitted I am required to represent my clients with the most up to date knowledge available in disability law. I saw first hand how social security disability helped my father when he became disabled after working for 30 years.
A disability claim is a very serious matter, I approach it with all of my experience and trial work knowledge. I make myself available to my disability clients, and in most cases the client never has to leave their home, I can do most of the work for you on the phone. I have always represented claimants, I have never worked for the government or social security, I work for hard working people.

Please give me a call anytime, and remember I take social security disability claims nationwide, I am licensed in state court, federal court, and the Supreme Court of The United States. Give me a call today, let me work for you. Toll free number,  1 (877) 271 2633.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Disability Benefits Law Office Call Attorney Today

disability attorney free consultationAs a disability benefits office, social security disability is all that I do. As a social security disability attorney located in Nashville, Tennessee I decided to expand my office to take cases throughout the United States. I decided that since I only practice in one area, (that being social security disability) I could service clients throughout the country. I have been sworn into the United States Supreme Court bar, I am permitted to argue in front of the Court.

Social security disability is so large in regards to its requirements and laws I decided to concentrate my efforts in this one single area, that way I can stay on top of all the changes and requirements in social security disability law. From the moment you apply for disability benefits everything you provide to social secuerity disability becomes part of the government record for your claim. I take great strides in developing your disability case from start to finish.

You will be represented by the same person from the beginning to the end of your claim. I want to assist you in your disability claim. As an attorney for over 16 years I have always represented people and never the government or corporations. Social Security disability is complex, call a disability benefits office to assist you in your claim. I look forward to hearing from you.

Back Disability Attorney

In your search for a back disability attorney you will want to ask how familiar your attorney is with back disabilities.

A back disability can leave a person realizing how much they use their back on the job. As a back disability attorney I have seen the Dr. tell the client that they need back surgery, and may not be able to return to their job. Unfortunately after the first back surgery many of my clients discover that they can no longer work at all, as a back disability attorney I have seen this so many times. Just having mobility can be an issue for many back injury clients who have surgery, many clients have to use assistants in walking, or have to take pain medication.  

The damage  and surgery to the spine and back can range from ruptured discs; scoliosis; harrington rod implant; stimulator implant; spinal fusion,  and many other types of surgery and damages to the spine and back. A back surgery is a very serious situation, and letting social security disability know about it is very important.   In my experiences as a back disability attorney I understand that even after surgery many people cant go back to work.

It can be a scary time when the realization strikes that you can no longer work due to your back condition, however here at my office I have helped many back injury clients and understand how I need to handle your claim. I can help you at the initial application level or after you receive your denial letter from social security disability, it does not cost anymore money to have me help you from the initial application level, and of course there is never an up front fee for my service, and you do not owe me any money should I not win your claim, that is a promise from me, Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq. the founder and owner of this office.

I will review your medical records, (and consult with medical professionals should that be necessary) and let social security know about your back injury, and what type of surgery was performed on your back along with any hardware that was put into your back, and or any type of medical device implanted or used in your surgery, it is important to convey to social security disability the seriousness of your back surgery, and or multiple back surgeries.  

Please give me a call, if you can’t come to me, I will come to you.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.


Obesity Disability Attorney

I am often asked can you receive disability if you are obese? The answer is yes with a few conditions and legal analysis. Obesity and or being severely over weight is a serious condition, being obese can lead to severe health care issues and problems. As an attorney I have reviewed and studied the requirements that must be met under some new rules issued by Social Security Disability for obesity.

In appears to me in representation of claimants with severe obesity that many times a major weight bearing joint is affected, meaning a knee, leg, hip, ankle, etc. The reason this is so important as a factor lies in the social security ruling 02-01p(5),  does your weight bearing joints and or joint have arthritis and does it affect your ability to ambulate and or walk or stand? I have met with and represented many obese individuals who can no longer walk without the assistance of a cane or walker, there ability to ambulate effectively has stopped, and thus they become disabled.

Losing weight is never easy, and most people I represent simply do not have the money to have surgery to help them with weight loss, so generally under the ruling above it is not a reason alone to deny you disability because you cant afford the weight loss surgery. Many of my clients have tried to lose weight and simply can’t do it.

You need only give me a call if you suffer from severe obesity and or being severely over weight, I would be very pleased to help you. At my law office you will speak directly to me, and you can be assured that at my office the most important case is your case.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Appeal Disability Denial Attorney

As an appeal disability denial attorney I hear so often from my clients, I can’t believe they denied my disability claim! It is part of my job as an appeal disability denial attorney to explain to clients that this is the norm, and not the exception. Many of my clients think that because they have worked their entire life the social security disability organization will readily approve their claim, this is very far from the truth.

Social security disability has many factors, work in your past is definitely very important when filing, but most important is, can you work at your job, and or work another job? There are so many factors that they look at in processing your claim, we understand that, at my office we strive to make social security disability aware of as many as possible to assist in appealing your claim, after a denial letter has been received by you.  

It is not a good idea to keep refiling after you receive your denial letter, social security disability developed the appeals process for a reason, it is best to use it. By simply refiling your can lose value months of back pay, it is always best to file your appeal. The process moves along much better by following the appeals process developed by social security.

Filing the appeal can be time consuming work, there are also deadlines to meet, should you miss one of these deadlines your claim could be tossed out and dismissed for failure to file in a timely manner. Once my office meets with you, I will handle all the deadlines and make sure your appeal reaches the social security office in time to secure your rights.

At my office I can come to you, once you receive your denial letter just give me a call. At my office the most important case is your case, I look forward to speaking with you. 

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Back Surgery Disability Attorney

back surgery disability attorneyAs a back surgery disability attorney I have represented a large number of claimants who suffer from the effects of back surgery and multiple back surgeries. As a back surgery disability attorney I see that back surgeries quite often involve  permanent screws, pins, plates, and rods are placed on the spinal column, replacement of discs; removal of discs, and spinal fusion. When you choose your back surgery disability attorney, do you want to know they have done this before? Call us at 1 (877) 271-2633. 

The most common effects from back surgery tends to be the inability to tolerate bending over; tolerate standing for periods of time; sitting down for long periods of time; missing work often;  and constant pain. While many claimants tend to feel better after their surgery, they can never return to their career, and often find it impossible to return to work, due to their physical limitations associated with their back.

Most back surgeries have to be done as a result of  accidents, disease, and or a combination of the two. Social Security disability has several listings that take into account all the problems that are associated with back surgeries and multiple back surgeries, due in part to either disease and or an accident.

A very important part of your disability case will be your medical records, they will show the judge what you have been through, and what you suffer from, along with a detailed explanation of your back surgery and or surgeries. Sometimes it is possible to obtain a medical source statement from a treating physician such as back surgeon and or a primary care doctor, obtaining one of these allows the judge to get an up to date opinion from your doctor.

If you need our assistance with your disability claim, please give me a call, you will speak directly to an attorney, and if I on the phone with another client, I will personally call you back. Here at your case is the most important case.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Vertigo Disability Attorney

Vertigo disability attorneyNeed a Vertigo Disability Attorney? Vertigo can be a a devastating disease, I have represented people from all professions that develop vertigo. Most people who develop vertigo also unfortunately have sever side effects such as nausea, headaches, and fatigue. I have represented people from all walks of life with Vertigo, let me be your Vertigo Disability Attorney, call today.

The conditions that develop with the onset of vertigo can include loss of hearing; balance attacks; tinnitus and the onset of these conditions can be gradual and then become more frequent. Sometimes clients will have had a positive ENG, this is very important to the claim, however sometimes many clients cant afford to see a Dr. in the beginning of their claim, and may have to wait until later to have the test done on them. I have fought vertigo cases with private insurance companies and the Federal Government, and won. I will be your Vertigo disability attorney. I understand the impact this disease has on a person, and the ability for that person to earn a living. I am only a phone call away.

I understand this entire process of social security disability can be frustrating, especially if you suffer from a condition like vertigo, however there is help, and I can provide it. You need only call me here at and let me get the process started, there is never a fee up front, and I only get paid if I am successful on your claim.

I look forward to speaking with you, because at you speak directly to me. I am only a phone call away, and I will be the one to represent you at your hearing and on appeal. Give me a call, let me be your Vertigo disability attorney.  

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Disability Lawyer Comes to your House

I realized when I started my law office here at that many people just can’t make it to my office here in Nashville. I have a great solution, I come to you, that’s right. I believe that if I can help a disability client with their case, then I will come to you. The process of applying for social security disability is difficult enough, I strive to make it one step easier on you.

Most clients I meet want to know who their lawyer will be for their disability claim, its very simple at my office, it will be me, there are no barriers when you want to talk with me, just simply call, and if  I’m on the phone with another client, ill call you back. You will talk to me first, and I will make an appointment to visit you at home, if I can help you with your disability claim. 

You do not have to drive into the city to obtain my services, I simply bring the paper work to you, from that point forward you can relax, as your disability attorney I will do the rest. All the deadlines, and paper work will be taken care of for you, and most of all I can start the process from your home.

I have always represented people in my 16 years of trial work, let me bring my disability experience directly to your home, I look forward to meeting you. I fight for your social security disability.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.