Kidney Disease Disability Attorney

Need a kidney disease disability attorney? My name is Daniel L. McMurtry, as a disability attorney I have helped people obtain their disability through Social Security for kidney disease. As a kidney disease disability attorney I keep up to date on the latest issues involving kidney disease. Some clients believe that you must be on dialyses to obtain disability for kidney disease, that is not true.

Kidney disease involves many issues such as pain, hospitalization, and surgeries, you do not have to wait until you are on dialyses to apply for Social Security disability. The onset of kidney disease can be gradual, and sometimes no matter how hard the client tries he or she cannot keep working due to the pain, medications, and amount of time spent with medical providers, Social Security disability has a listing for kidney disease and there are specifics about filtration rates of the kidneys. However there are many other factors that Social Security disability looks at in regards to your disease.

In being your kidney disease disability attorney I will show to Social Security disability the effects the disease has had on your life. I will put forth factors such as your work history, age, education, ability to function in the work place, and limits on your daily living activities. It is important to tell Social Security disability about these factors from the very onset of your disease, and your application. I make Social Security disability my only practice. If you are looking for a kidney disease disability attorney call me today. It is never to early to begin the process of disability. It does not cost anything to call and ask questions of me as a disability attorney.

Call today at toll free 1-866-271-2633, get the help you deserve from me as your disability attorney. You may wish to visit some of my other sites to help you with disability at or

There is never a fee unless I win your claim, that is promise to you.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

kidney disease disability attorney

Social Security Disability Attorney


Do I need a disability attorney

Do I need a disability attorney? I hear this question a lot, my simple answer is yes. In short I can say that having a disability attorney on your side can alleviate a lot of stress associated with applying and or appealing your disability claim. I am familiar with every aspect of the disability process and there are just not many questions that I can answer. So when I am asked, do I need a disability attorney, my answer is absolutely yes.

As a disability attorney I prepare you for your hearing or I help you apply for your disability or appeal a denial of your disability claim. Many times this unfortunately is not so easy for some people who have not worked with Social Security disability. Many times multiple questions are sent to the person applying, you must answer and send back in 10 days as the letter says,  In another area that many over look when they ask do I need a disability attorney is getting paid once they win they win their claim. In many situations I have had to deal with head office for Social Security disability even after I have won a person’s claim, sometimes it is to supply supporting documents about living areas, proving the person is not dead (this is very true), getting a payee for the claimant, the list is long, but  sometimes just winning your claim is not the end, and most of the time Social Security does not get in touch with the claimant, it takes the claimant or their attorney following up on the claim to get the payments started.

I meet all the deadlines for your claim, and if you miss one it can cause your claim to be denied, I can go over the questions they ask you and help you with your responses, I will be at the hearing with you should the government require one, which in most cases they do, so when someone says do I need disability attorney, I say simply yes. From start to finish in a disability claim there are so many small things that have to be done, miss just one and that could cause a dismissal or unfavorable ruling in your claim.

When they ask me do I need a disability attorney,  I always ask them would you do surgery on yourself, would you do your own dental work, generally the answer is no, so I respond the same way, getting a good disability attorney for your disability claim is important, and in my opinion necessary.

Please feel free to phone me at toll free 1-877-271-2633, I look forward to talking with you. You may wish to visit some of my other sites at or

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.


Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security disability attorney Daniel L. McMurtry. I have been representing clients in front of the government now for over 16 years. I take cases in Florida, Tennessee, Michigan and throughout the United States. As a Social Security disability attorney I take my job seriously, it is my only practice area due to the complex laws and the importance of each persons claim. The rules and law that allow for disability are very lengthy, they can be confusing, as your Social Security disability attorney it is my job to know these rules and understand them for you. I take my job seriously enough to make it my only practice in the belief that I can be a better lawyer to you by focusing in this one area. I have always represented people and not the government or corporations, it is my belief as a lawyer that representing clients against the government was my calling.

Please give me a call today at Toll free 1-877-271-2633, I would be pleased to help you, in your time of need. There are never any upfront fees as your Social Security disability attorney, and there is no fee if I do not win your claim. I look forward to speaking with you, and being your Social Security disability attorney. If you have any questions about Social Security disability, please feel free to phone me at the toll free number. With 16 years of experience and an enjoyment of helping clients obtain their disability, I would be pleased to assist you in your disability claim. Don’t delay, phone me today for the help I can offer you. Disability is all I do.

Should you suffer with crohns disease, diabetes, ptsd, please look at my other sites that address those issues specifically at

Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability Attorney

Tallahassee Florida Disability Cases

Tallahassee Florida Disability CasesAs my business has grown so has the area of representation, I have seen many claims involving Tallahassee Florida disability cases. I take cases throughout the country, and your case is always handled by an attorney, as in Tallahassee Florida disability cases. From the moment I take your claim, you can be assured that someone with a full understanding of disability law will handle your claim. Social Security Disability is all I do, it is my only area of practice.

To better serve my Tallahassee Florida disability cases I am available for consultation in Florida, as well as having an office in Nashville, Tennessee, I am centrally located to serve my clients nationwide, but with a local feel and knowledge of Social Security disability law. I take cases throughout Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, the SouthEast and United States.

No matter where your case is, I can handle it. Social Security disability lawyer and attorneys handling Tallahassee Florida disability cases and claims throughout the United States. Should you need my help please phone me Toll Free 1-877-271-2633, I am dedicated to helping you with your disability claim. There is never a fee unless I win your claim, that is my promise to you. I take on the government for you, it is as simple as picking up the phone and calling me. I can take care of your application, or appeal simply over the phone, and if you have to have a hearing before a Social Security disability Judge, I will be right there with you every step of the way. Social Security disability is all I do, and I do it well.

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Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Social Security disability application forms

These days you hear a lot about Social Security disability application forms, so what does it all mean to you, when you are applying for Social Security disability benefits. The rules are complex when applying for disability using the social security disability application forms, the documents can be overwhelming at times, and you will hear a lot of misinformation about Social Security disability. What is the answer before you apply using Social Security disability application forms? Call my office and let me help you from the very minute you apply for disability. Social Security disability is all I do, I make this my only area of representation. I have helped thousands of people with their Social Security disability application forms.

Did you know that you can have an attorney from the very beginning of your disability application, I can help you apply, and you don’t even have to leave your house. I can help you apply for disability over the internet using the Social Security disability application forms, no need to go to an office or gather up a lot of paperwork, just give me a call when you are applying for your disability, or when you have been denied your Social Security disability. It does not cost you anymore to hire an attorney from the beginning of your Social Security disability claim, and I am never paid if do not win your claim, that is my promise to you.

Give us a call today, if you have questions about your claim, or if you have not applied yet, but want help before you do, just give me a call for help with your Social Security disability application forms, I am here to help you, and I only take Social Security disability claims. Call today at 615-308-2633 or toll free 1-877-271-2633.

I make disability claims my only practice, and I travel to your area for the hearings if required, you never have to travel to us, I take care of you from your home, you can leave the paperwork and court system for me to deal with on your behalf.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

You may also find more information at if you have a claim involving crohn’s disease.

Social Security Disability Hearing

You are about to head into your Social Security disability hearing, have you ever thought, Has my attorney every tried a case to a jury? If you have an attorney who has tried jury trials they will understand how important your testimony at your Social Security disability hearing will be, and how to prepare you to testify in front of the Federal Judge. It is very important to understand the process of a Social Security disability hearing before you testify.

My name is Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq. I have tried jury trials to completion, and I have seen the mistakes people make when they are not prepared to testify at hearings before judges, and or trials before juries. A Social Security disability hearing requires you the claimant to give testimony to the Federal Judge. You are under oath, and for some people it can be very scary, however I can put your fears at ease when you hire me to represent you. I approach every hearing as if it were a jury trial, I will explain to you the proper procedures of testifying at your Social Security disability hearing, what the court will want to know from you, and questions that will be asked of you at the hearing.

I believe the jury trial experience i have obtained over the years allows me a certain insight into how best to prepare claimants for their disability hearings at Social Security. It can be one of the most important events of your life, and your family’s. Please do not hesitate to contact me for your Social Security disability hearing, it is never to late to hire a trial attorney for your disability hearing. My promise to you, there is never a fee unless I win your case.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Applying for Disability Call Me Today

Applying for disability call me today? It can be overwhelming to apply for disability. Did you know that you can have an attorney to help you apply for disability from the very beginning? It does not cost you anymore in fees to have an attorney with you from the very moment you apply for disability benefits through Social Security. My name is Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq., helping people apply for disability and appeal disability denials is all that I do.
Did you know that every statement you make on your paperwork or on the computer when you apply is in your record for the entire process of disability. If you are applying for disability call us today.
When you apply for disability it is your chance to explain to the Social Security Administration what keeps you from working, and tell them what doctors you have seen for your medical condition.  Simply telling Social Security Disability that you cant work is not enough, you must explain your medical condition in your application for disability.

There are grid rules and listing that Social Security uses to determine your disability. When you make your application for disability it is so important to understand the rules and grid system that the disability department uses. I have made it my only practice to understand the rules of disability and Social Security. Applying for disability call today.

Whether your applying for disability or want to appeal your denail of disability, simply give me a call. When you call my office you will speak to an attorney that only handles disability claims. Give me a call and let me help you apply for disability, there is never a fee unless I win your claim, that is my promise. You can always count on an attorney representing your claim throughout your process here at my office Social Security Denied, LLC, I look forward to speaking with you about your application for disability. Should you need other information on disability please see my other sites at  and

Disability Attorney Supreme Court of The United States

disability attorneyAs a disability attorney Supreme Court of The United States bar licensed now, I can say I was very honored that this privilege was granted to me. As a disability attorney you never know how far you must pursue a claim for a client. As disability attorney it is always a great accomplishment to win a claim for a client, and when some claims need to be appealed I want to make myself available for every option in the pursuit of your claim.
As a disability attorney Supreme Court of The United States admitted I am required to represent my clients with the most up to date knowledge available in disability law. I saw first hand how social security disability helped my father when he became disabled after working for 30 years.
A disability claim is a very serious matter, I approach it with all of my experience and trial work knowledge. I make myself available to my disability clients, and in most cases the client never has to leave their home, I can do most of the work for you on the phone. I have always represented claimants, I have never worked for the government or social security, I work for hard working people.

Please give me a call anytime, and remember I take social security disability claims nationwide, I am licensed in state court, federal court, and the Supreme Court of The United States. Give me a call today, let me work for you. Toll free number,  1 (877) 271 2633.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.

Disability Benefits Law Office Call Attorney Today

disability attorney free consultationAs a disability benefits office, social security disability is all that I do. As a social security disability attorney located in Nashville, Tennessee I decided to expand my office to take cases throughout the United States. I decided that since I only practice in one area, (that being social security disability) I could service clients throughout the country. I have been sworn into the United States Supreme Court bar, I am permitted to argue in front of the Court.

Social security disability is so large in regards to its requirements and laws I decided to concentrate my efforts in this one single area, that way I can stay on top of all the changes and requirements in social security disability law. From the moment you apply for disability benefits everything you provide to social secuerity disability becomes part of the government record for your claim. I take great strides in developing your disability case from start to finish.

You will be represented by the same person from the beginning to the end of your claim. I want to assist you in your disability claim. As an attorney for over 16 years I have always represented people and never the government or corporations. Social Security disability is complex, call a disability benefits office to assist you in your claim. I look forward to hearing from you.

Back Disability Attorney

In your search for a back disability attorney you will want to ask how familiar your attorney is with back disabilities.

A back disability can leave a person realizing how much they use their back on the job. As a back disability attorney I have seen the Dr. tell the client that they need back surgery, and may not be able to return to their job. Unfortunately after the first back surgery many of my clients discover that they can no longer work at all, as a back disability attorney I have seen this so many times. Just having mobility can be an issue for many back injury clients who have surgery, many clients have to use assistants in walking, or have to take pain medication.  

The damage  and surgery to the spine and back can range from ruptured discs; scoliosis; harrington rod implant; stimulator implant; spinal fusion,  and many other types of surgery and damages to the spine and back. A back surgery is a very serious situation, and letting social security disability know about it is very important.   In my experiences as a back disability attorney I understand that even after surgery many people cant go back to work.

It can be a scary time when the realization strikes that you can no longer work due to your back condition, however here at my office I have helped many back injury clients and understand how I need to handle your claim. I can help you at the initial application level or after you receive your denial letter from social security disability, it does not cost anymore money to have me help you from the initial application level, and of course there is never an up front fee for my service, and you do not owe me any money should I not win your claim, that is a promise from me, Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq. the founder and owner of this office.

I will review your medical records, (and consult with medical professionals should that be necessary) and let social security know about your back injury, and what type of surgery was performed on your back along with any hardware that was put into your back, and or any type of medical device implanted or used in your surgery, it is important to convey to social security disability the seriousness of your back surgery, and or multiple back surgeries.  

Please give me a call, if you can’t come to me, I will come to you.

Daniel L. McMurtry, Esq.